AC Installation

AC Installation in Baltimore

Baltimore’s summers are notoriously hot and humid, which is why we at HVAC Baltimore, MD make it our mission to install residential AC units in homes and businesses alike. We understand the importance of a comfortable environment for all Baltimore residents and take great pride in ensuring everyone has access to affordable heating and cooling solutions that meet their needs. 

If you are in the market for installation of central air conditioning system, AC repair, or AC replacement, HVAC Baltimore, MD is here to assist.

Our AC Installation Process

HVAC Baltimore, MD has perfected every step of the air conditioner installation process over many years of working with homeowners and businesses looking to expand comfort levels by installing AC units. From initial consultations where we discuss your needs and preferences, so our technicians can go back to headquarters to start building a unit specifically suited for your home or place of business, all the way up to finalizing the paperwork so that an air conditioner unit is ready for delivery as soon as it’s installed. We take care of everything!

Furthermore, unlike most other air conditioner installations companies in Baltimore, our technicians come to your home or business with AC units in tow instead of you having to go to our warehouse offsite. We take air conditioning installation seriously, and this is just one more way we build lasting relationships with our customers.

Worried AC Installation is too costly?

Of course, AC installation in Baltimore, MD does not come cheap for most people, but that’s where HVAC Baltimore, MD comes into the picture. With our AC installation package, you can get AC units up and running with ease without having to break the bank. Our AC installation packages include all of the following at a heavily discounted price: AC installation AC inspection AC maintenance AC repair AC service AC replacement AC tune-up.

If you want to learn more about our AC installation costs, give HVAC, Baltimore, MD, a call today! Our technicians are standing by and ready to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

When Should You Replace Your Air Conditioning System?

If your AC unit has been working hard to keep you cool for the past ten years, it might be a good idea to have install central air performed on your AC unit. AC units tend to last around 10 years, but sometimes they can last up to 15-20 years. New air conditioner is usually recommended if there has been damage from external elements such as being struck by lightning, having an AC leak, or being exposed to harsh chemicals or extreme temperatures.

Homeowners and business owners should look out for many signs of AC failure, so none of the above happens ever again! The first sign of AC failure is a drop in efficiency—typically 5% per year on average. So, if you notice your AC unit isn’t running as efficiently, as usual, new air conditioner is suitable around the corner!

Another AC failure sign we recommend looking out for is a drop in AC unit performance. This happens typically when AC units are not serviced consistently and before central air installation can be performed. AC maintenance and AC repair play crucial roles in extending the life of any home or business’s AC unit!

A third sign you should look out for is an increase in energy bills. This means your AC unit isn’t correctly working to cool down your indoor environment like it should—in turn causing your AC to use more power than usual. This occurs typically when homeowners neglect their AC units which cause them to malfunction over time due to lack of care and attention.

At HVAC Baltimore, MD, HVAC installation is more than just AC units on display—it’s about providing our customers with the heating and cooling systems they need to improve their indoor climate. AC replacement is just one part of that equation which is why AC installation doesn’t stop after an AC unit has been installed.

What are the benefits of an Air Conditioner Installation?

  • Improved Indoor Air Quality: AC units keep AC filters clean, which keeps AC vents free of AC dust and debris that could cause AC pollution and AC contamination.
  • Improved Indoor Comfort: AC units remove AC humidity from the air, which can cause AC fog, AC condensation, and AC perspiration. AC also brings down AC temperatures by cooling AC air to a comfortable temperature—ideal for both humans and pets!
  • Reduced Energy Bills: When you have an efficient AC unit running, your electricity bill will decrease because it takes less energy to cool your indoor environment than usual. Also, having an efficient AC unit means there is a lower risk of damages such as strain on electrical coils leading to costly AC repairs.
  • New Technology AC Installation: AC units constantly evolve, but AC installation doesn’t have to be daunting or tedious. HVAC Baltimore, MD AC installation technicians will work with you throughout the AC system purchasing process, making AC replacement feel more like an AC installation.

How does Central Air Conditioner Installation Improve Overall Health?

The cool air inside your indoor environment is just as important as the air around you. When it’s not treated correctly, that presents a significant risk for developing chronic diseases and respiratory conditions such as asthma. AC filters help remove AC pollutants from your home or business’s indoor environment, while AC vents redistribute clean AC air throughout.

Owning a healthy heating and air conditioning company isn’t easy—but at HVAC Baltimore, central air installation technicians are committed to AC replacement regardless of AC system size or AC brand. AC units are expected to last around 10 years, but AC installation is meant to be a daily practice which is why HVAC Baltimore, MD only hires the best AC installation technicians who have had prior experience in AC replacement.

If you want help with an AC installation, feel free to call us at +410-397-5855 or visit us online at! We’re happy to answer any of your questions or address any concerns you might have about our AC installation services!